A Discussion of End-of-Life Issues

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The purpose of Seattle Funerals is to be a resource for people are pondering and dealing with end-of-life issues. We all consider what happens at death and at some time in our life, will have to deal with the passing of a loved one or friend. For families facing an impending death, we hope you will find answers here to bring peace, comfort, and make your path easier.

Resource for Professionals

We encourage healthcare workers, counselors, lawyers, pastors, funeral directors, and others who deal with death on a professional basis, to join the discussion. We hope you will  advance your understanding of ethical questions that arise in dealing with death and the families affected.

Funeral Services

Seattle Funeral is sponsored by Barton Family Funerals, a family owned funeral provider who strives to provide affordable funeral services to families of the deceased, while focusing on traditional values, beliefs, and cultural practices. For further help planning a funeral, cremation, or burial, contact Barton Family Funeral Services. We have locations in Seattle, Kirkland, and Renton, Washington.


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