Evergreen Washelli – Was Owned by Gibralter

Indianapolis, Indiana
Home of Gibralter Rememberance Services, LLC

Evergreen Washelli


In 2018, Service Corporation International, “SCI”, acquired the assets and business operations of Evergreen Washelli:

  • Evergreen Washelli, a Funeral Home / Cemetery combo
  • Lifetime Celebrations by Washelli Funeral Home
  • Abbey View Cemetery
  • Cascade Memorial, a storefront cremation provider, with two locations: Bellevue and Federal Way

Gibraltar Remembrance Services, LLC, was a cemetery and funeral home company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gibraltar owned five cemeteries and eight funeral homes in four states. One of their funeral homes, Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery, is the third-largest cemetery in the United States. Gibraltar had about 300 employees according to an article published in the Wall Street Journal in 2009. After the sale to SCI, there is no easily available information available about the number of employees.  It can be anticipated that there will be a consolidation of duplicate operations under SCI’s new management.

The Washington State Secretary of State web site shows that the corporate entity EVERGREEN-WASHELLI MEMORIAL PARK COMPANY is delinquent in their filings.  This suggests that a reorganization is still taking place after the sale to SCI.  In June 2018, Scott Sheehan, the resident agent for Evergreen Washelli resigned and sent a notice to SCI in Houston.


UBI Number:  178 008 852


When more information is publicly available, we will update the chart below.


Name of Local Funeral Establishment



Name of Legal Agent

Abbey View Memorial Park Evergreen
Washelli Memorial Park Washelli

 * The above are owned by a Washington Corporation:: Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park Co., Inc., which has a single out-of-state owner as shown in the ownership column



Gibraltar Remembrance Services, LLC
10291 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46290

Scott Sheehan
11111 Aurora Ave N
Seattle WA 98133

UBI # 178008852

WA Filing Date 12/05/1919


Cascade Memorial



Cascade Memorial is an unincorporated
funeral establishment owned by Evergreen Washelli, which is owned by the
above Gibralter Rememberence Services.

As an unincorporated entity, the name
of the local legal agent is presumed to be that of the owner, namely
Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park Inc.